Energy Harvesting

EDLab performs researches on vibration energy harvester (including piezoelectric and electromagnetic) with consideration of realistic loading (e.g. tire impact loading, bimodal vibration, various kinetic energy from engineering structures and human).

Vibration energy harvesting (EH) has grabbed attention as an autonomous and sustainable power solution for wireless sensor network. We study various vibration energy harvesting devices applicable to energy system monitoring (wind turbine), aerospace, railroad, human body, smart farm.

We study energy harvesters that overcome the weakness of linear harvesters and account for the arbitrary nature of vibration. For practical purposes, a broadband frequency vibration input is used to optimize the energy harvester design. Design variables are assigned and optimized in order to create optimal design of the energy harvester, which maximizes power output. We actively research on system integration on energy sustainable sensor node by combining energy harvester, power management circuit, storage unit, sensor, and wireless transmitter.

Vibration/kinetic energy harvesting from wind turbine blade


Experimental comparison of Reliability-based design (RBDO) for tire energy harvester to the deterministic one (DDO) (left and middle); Wireless transmitter for data acquisition on the rolling tire (right)

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