Feb 2023 – Lab lunch @ KPot K-BBQ and Hotpot

Principal Investigator


Dr. Soobum Lee


Graduate Students

Christopher Mullen, PhD candidate

Wireless Power Transfer

Energy Harvesting for Military Application


Jude Thaddeus Persia, PhD student

Postprocessing of Topology Design

Compliant Mechanism

Machine Learning

Hamza Umar, MS student

Energy Harvesting (Piezoelectric, Electromagnetic)



Undergraduate Researcher

Lani McGuire

Modeling and testing for energy harvesting systems

Austin Collins

(LSAMP Scholar)

Energy harvesting system modeling

Mintesinot Minuta

(LSAMP Scholar)

Fluid-solid interaction analysis


Visiting Scholars

Dr. Daeil Kwon (Sungkyunkwan Univ., South Korea, Feb 2023~)

Dr. Kyuho Sim (SeoulTech Univ., South Korea, Jan 2023~)

Dr. Jeong Sam Han (Andong National Univ., South Korea, Jan 2022~)

Mr. Younggeun Park (Dongguk Univ. South Korea, Jul 2022 ~ Jan 2023)

Ms. Hyewon Lee (Dongguk Univ. South Korea, Sep 2021 ~ Feb 2022)

Ms. Seunghee Cheon (Dongguk Univ. South Korea, Sep 2021 ~ Feb 2022)

Dr. Young Do Choi (Mokpo National Univ., South Korea, Feb 2020~Feb 2022)

Dr. Kyung Ho Moon (Korea Railroad Research Institute, South Korea, Jan 2020~Jul 2021)

Dr. Minho Jang (Ulsan Col., South Korea, Jul 2019~Jun 2020)

Dr. Kiweon Kang (Kunsan National Univ., South Korea, Jan 2015~Jun 2016)

Dr. KeeNam Song (Korea Atomic Energy Research Laboratory, South Korea, Dec 2014~Nov 2015)

Dr. JungHoon Kim (Yonsei Univ., South Korea, 2013)



Weijie Xian (MS, ~2022, BYD – Chinese automobile company – after EDLab)

Myung Kyun Sung (PhD, ~2022, Food and Drug Administration after EDLab)

Sinwoo Jeong (Postdoc, 2020, Agency for Defense Development (ADD, South Korea) after EDLab)

Ahmed Abdelaziz (Postdoc, 2019~2020)

Saman Nezami (PhD, ~2020, Dynamic Dimension Technologies after EDLab)

Amin Toghi Eshghi (PhD, ~2019, HARP Engineering after EDLab, Juniper Networks Inc. as of 2021)

Hyunjun Jung (Postdoc, 2017~2019, Virginia Tech after EDLab, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) since 2020)

Tom Chaisson (MS, ~2021, Lockheed Martin after EDLab)

Evan Danz (MS, ~2020, US Army APG)

Richard Fan (MS, ~2018, SURVICE Engineering Company after EDLab)

Chris Mullen (MS, ~2016, US Army CERDEC after EDLab)

Sumin Seong (MS, ~2015, Novatec Inc. after EDLab)

Mahsan Bakhtiari Nejad (MS, ~2015, Johns Hopkins Univ. after EDLab)

Daniel Davieau (BS, ~2014)

Xiao Li (BS, ~2015)

Yves Nazon (BS, MARC U*STAR Scholar, ~2015)

Anderson Nunes De Sousa (visiting BS, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, 2015)

Kabir Ahmet (BS, URAS Scholar, ~2016)

Vineed Dayal (BS, URA Scholar, ~2016)

Kurtis Boulter (BS, ~2016)

Danny Joh (BS, ~2017)

Tobi Tunde-Alli (BS, SURE Scholar, ~2017)

Kangsoo Lee (BS, ~2017, LG Electronics after EDLab)

Stanley Chervin (BS, ~2017)

Trevor Evans (BS, MARC U*STAR Scholar, ~2017)

Randy Deinlein (BS, SURE Scholar, ~2018)

Alexander Gliese (BS, LSAMP Scholar, ~2019)

Lucas McCullum (BS, URA Scholar, ~2019)

Jason Pentsil (BS, LSAMP Scholar, ~2019)

Miles Smith (BS, URA Scholar, ~2020)

Brian Woronowicz (BS, URA/LSAMP Scholar, ~2020)

Zachary Hoffmann (BS, ~2020)

Austin Collins (BS, LSAMP Scholar, ~2022)

Mintesinot Minuta (BS, LSAMP Scholar, ~2022)


Group Photos

Jul 2022 – Lab lunch @ Spice and Curry with Prof. Han (Andong Nat’l Univ.)

Oct 2022 – Lab lunch and meeting


May 2022 – Graduate Commencement Ceremony

Dec 2021 – Outdoor lunch (during covid19 pandemic) @ UMBC library pond with Prof. Choi (Mokpo Nat’l Univ.)

Dec 2019 – Holiday lunch @ Royal Taj

May 2019 – In front of a brand new Life Science Bldg

Nov 2018 – Group dinner for Thanksgiving celebration!

June 2018

June 2017

January 2016, with Prof Kang (Kunsan Nat’l Univ.) and his students

June 2015